‘ishare’ is about developing the habit of sharing in children.

'Share as little as 1 Rupee every day to the ‘ishare’ fund; it helps to form a good habit, support social causes and the needs of our less privileged friends. And you will be a friend in deed. '

Motto of children in the ‘ishare’ programme.

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  • 2018 - 2019 I 26 Schools
  • INR 14.5 Lakhs needed
  • 21%
  • INR 3 lakhs Received
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    This box is magical. Imagine what all our students could do when thousand of them put the mighty 1Rupee into this box every day.

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    What they do make 'ishare' glow

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    Let us pay back

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    Socialy relevent micro projects by students

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